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2016 China's mold industry development: a good opportunity t

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In recent years, the automotive hardware mold products, with the introduction of new models, the replacement of the old models, as well as domestic and foreign vehicle and parts production scale continues to expand, the demand is also increasing. In order to get new delivery channels, has advanced technology in the world and the national Department of metal mold manufacturer hardware mold manufacturers cost competitive, in strengthening their business, accelerate the construction of mould production system. According to the international mould and hardware plastic industry suppliers association director Luo Baihui, made an ordinary car takes an average of about 1500 parts, with the Chinese gradually ascending car production, foreign investors have entered the Chinese factories, to satisfy domestic demand and export demand hot, automotive metal parts demand will inevitably become China metal mold the industry into a good opportunity to upgrade.
Because of obvious progress and rapid development of the domestic metal mold and technology, coupled with the domestic mould price is low, so in recent years, some domestic joint venture brand car there are many metal molds from the past to be imported in the domestic procurement. At the same time, with the development of the international competitiveness of China's auto metal mould industry, some foreign brands have begun to purchase more and more from our country. Germany and the United States some of the vehicle factory has a large number of Chinese hardware mold factory products into its global procurement chain. This trend is not only clear, but also with the production technology optimization of local enterprises, the domestic metal mold industry in the international market, the advantage will be further highlighted. International Mould and hardware plastic industry suppliers association director Luo Baihui pointed out that the domestic mold to car hardware mold products market prospects, but the imbalance development of the domestic mould industry also worth watching. Although China's auto production is amazing, but many of them are also from foreign well-known automobile brand capital investment and mass production. At the same time, metal mold as an important part of the industry lifeline, the progress of the development of the regional imbalance. For example, the traditional car city of Guangdong region in Southern China, starting is east of Shanghai, North China Changchun later, especially to have the highest value, mainly used in the manufacture of metal mold of automobile panel die, Southern China market development is almost blank.
2016-2021 depth analysis of industry automobile mould and the "13th Five-Year" development planning report, automotive hardware mold industry China pending technology upgrading, but it does not change the global auto industry generally regarded as the preferred China automobile production base pattern. Wood Home (UddeholmTool AB) tool steel company manager Geertvander Linden made it clear that the international customer department, China and Czech is currently the world's most popular car production base, he is very optimistic about the market prospects Chinese.
China Automobile Die Market with the development of the car and show strong growth momentum, accelerate the localization of automotive hardware mold is the first task of the auto parts industry. Without the low cost of domestic mold, there will be no rapid development of domestic brand cars, which has been recognized by everyone, but the low cost does not mean low level. At the same time, the development of low cost multi variety, domestic brands to develop and improve the quality of the car, can not be sure to improve the level of domestic hardware. Domestic car is not only to continue to develop in the middle and low market and will continue to improve its market share in the high-end market, this trend is also very obvious. This is bound to be more and more high requirements for automotive hardware mold products, which is the inevitable trend of the automobile stamping die market. Metal mold enterprises should fully understand this trend, and to rely on technological progress to maintain low costs, and continuously improve the quality of the mold.