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General situation and current situation analysis of metal mo

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In recent years, China's mold industry development situation is good, the future of China is expected to become the world's first mold production power.
China's mold production has the advantages of low labor costs and broad market space, coupled with the support of national policy, China's mold industry development situation is good. China at this stage in the demographic dividend period. There are a lot of labor, labor costs lower compared with developed countries; the market, in the traditional market steadily while the mold industry, and actively develop new markets, and even neglected in the past to the edge of the market has also been developed, these are for the domestic mold industry to develop a broad market space.
In recent years, Chinese government promulgated a series of policies to support the development of the industry of domestic metal die-casting, casting, to create a good space for the development of mold industry, these are powerful thrust China mold production; the development of China's mold industry and other industries can be used to describe the development and be closely related and mutually dependent. The overall level of mold industry promotion and related industries are closely related.
First of all, the uneven process conditions of the domestic manufacturers, seriously affect the precision and quality of the production of mold.
Secondly, the domestic mold talent is far greater than the plight of the urgent need to change.
Third, the standard level of domestic mold industry to be upgraded. Mold standardization work in China started late, standard parts production, sales, promotion and application of the work is relatively backward, the use of the standard mold coverage rate of about 40% to 45%, while the international is generally higher than 79%, and the mold is more in more than 80%.
Fourth, the domestic mold industry need to redouble their efforts, accelerate the pace of structural adjustment of mould products.
Fifth, overseas market development needs to be deepened.
Sixth, still need to promote the joint reorganization of domestic mold enterprises should become the trend of the times.
Seventh, we should continue to increase investment, in order to strengthen the ability to innovate.
Market survey analysis report shows that the hardware mold industry, this is the current development of China's mold industry, developed countries throughout the world situation, the mold production influenced by the economic slowdown in the market demand for mold rising raw materials and unable to get up after a fall, the price of these developed countries the development of mold industry increasingly difficult, the United States, Germany and Japan three of the world market is low-spirited mold mold production in poor condition. Therefore, China's mold industry if we continue to strive for long-term development, the future of China will be expected to become the world's first mold production power.